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Be a Tree Teacher Kit Plus Power Point

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Teacher Kit Plus Power Flash Point


This is our most popular version of the Be a Tree kit and includes

  1. The physical kit sent to you in the mail
  2. The Power Point show that you can download View a Demo (requires Flash)
You will have access to the text on the back of the posters in French (Quebec and France), Italian and Spanish


“I love ‘be a tree’ (and ‘be a rock’). It's the best of its kind. This information has to get out there, said Jean Donaldson – Internationally recognized dog behavior expert, award-winning author and director of the Academy for Dog Trainers.


Promote Your Business or Non-Profit

Offering the Be a Tree program is a great way to promote your business and do a community service at the same time. Dr Bob Bellamy, past president of the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association said of the Be a Tree program:

"Without a doubt, the dog bite prevention presentations have yielded more new clients than any initiative attempted by our office! In the the past two years new clients have increased by 30%!!!"

The Be a Tree Teacher Kit is for...

  • schools/teachers who want to deliver a bite prevention program themselves

  • humane educators for in-house or community outreach use

  • obedience trainers who want to educate their clients about safety around dogs

  • dog industry professionals who want to offer bite prevention programming to local schools or community groups

  • Doggone Safe members who want to deliver the Be a Tree program on behalf of Doggone Safe (10% discount on 1 kit for Doggone Safe members - not applicable to sale price) - find out how to join Doggone Safe

Contents of Be a Tree Teacher KitThumbnails of the Kit posters

  • A set of 9 11"x17" photographs of dogs showing various body language signals. Text of script printed on the reverse to prompt the presenter.

  • A set of 5 "tools" photos - also 11"x17". These are tools for kids to put in their toolbox (in their head) - to help keep them safe. Text of script printed on the reverse.

  • A snarly dog photo - 11"x17" - this is held up by a helper at random and everyone must stand up and "be a tree"

  • A spinner - 12" x 12" - used after the first 15 minutes of instruction - the results of the spin govern the rest of the program.

  • Program script

  • 4 Simon Says cards

  • 4 Scenario cards

  • Handout for photocopying

  • Program evaluation form - for photocopying

  • Video showing a sample delivery of the presentation

  • Tote bag to hold contents of the kit

Find out more about the Be a Tree program (FAQ, presenter information, testimonials)


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