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Logo Addition Fee

All prices are in USD

You can have you logo and or contact information added to some of our products. This is a one-time fee and will not be charged on reorder as long as there are no changes. You must pay this feed for each different product that you want customized. 

Order the postcards, magnets or bookmarks separately from this fee. Send an email with your logo and contact information to


Postcard customization information

We will add your logo and 1 line of text (~9-10 words) to the postcard shown here. The areas marked with yellow highlight indicate the areas that can be customized. Your website address will go under your logo, which will replace of the Be a Tree logo.For the 1 line of text at the bottom you can include a tag line and/or contact information

Please order the postcards in addition to the $20 logo addition fee.





Welcome to the Doggone Safe store! We ship physical products only within the US and Canada. If you are from outside these regions please purchase downloadable products only. Please note due to the fact all our products are printed to order it can take two weeks for them to ship.

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